Life sublimation place

Sunshine Homes always wants to bring comfort facilities, experience smart life with the philosophy of design and technology throughout every product.

Icon, unique design

Inspired by the famous big cities such as pompous Paris, vibrant New York, Manhattan - the capital of the World, Melbourne ... or the most popular outstanding villa styles today such as Tropical Villas, Santorini Villas ... Sunshine Homes selects the architectural quintessence into the works, creating its own iconic identity and identity worthy of the masterpiece.

Exquisite luxurious furniture

Sunshine Homes always desires to bring residents high quality materials, with specific styles such as Indochine interior style, modern style inspired by the Italian spirit, .... Besides, the interior is imported from leading brands in the world such as Duravit, Hansgrohe, Philippe ... and environmentally friendly materials such as stone, wood, bamboo, ... This exquisite combination brings modern and relaxed living space, close to nature, showing the unique ego of every honorable owner.

Perfect utility service

By owning Sunshine Apartments, you have chosen to live a full life not only with basic utilities system that meet daily needs but also enjoy high-class facilities such as: Modern commercial center satisfying shopping, professional gym, Yoga, Spa ...; 5 star swimming pool; Sky bar; Maple Bear Inter-School Canadian education; quick and convenient shopping with Sunshine Pay, e-shuttle service, butler service ... Especially, Sunshine Homes integrates everything into Sunshine App to give residents convenient - intelligent - fashionable life.

Smart technology 4.0

Based on the technology of 4.0 (Internet of thing - IoT), Sunshine Homes brings privilege to experience the standard Smart Living standard life: Smart Home; Smart Security - security system; Smart Management - Smart data management; Smart Parking.

Eco green living space

Towards sustainable values, Sunshine Homes is dedicated to bringing residents the "greenest" life, with the perfect combination of greenery, water surface from a regulation lake and natural landscapes. In addition, Sunshine Homes builds sustainable eco-systems such as: Low-E glass system against heat radiation to provide a clear vision, temperature balance; Optimum energy saving devices come from Samsung - Sunshine Group's strategic partner,...

Potential standard gold position

Each project of Sunshine Homes is located in locations in the planned development area, ensuring great investment potential, helping residents easily connect to the modern lifestyle but still have enough to enjoy complete peace life.

Các đối tác

Sunshine Residence đã và đang ký kết thỏa thuận hợp tác chiến lược với các đối tác trong nước và quốc tế để đảm bảo chất lượng cao nhất cho các dự án, đáp ứng yêu cầu của khách hàng, xây dựng và khẳng định vị thế vững chắc của Sunshine Residence trên thị trường.